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TCO Analysis Demonstrates How Moving To The Cloud Can Save Your Company Money


As more businesses move to the cloud, the amount of literature concerning the cloud increases. In this article from Forbes, Gina Longoria explains why moving to the cloud can save your business time and money.

"IT organizations are moving to the cloud in droves with high hopes to improve efficiency, increase agility and save money. In an effort to address this insatiable demand, leading companies like AMZN -1.68%Google GOOGL -0.72%Microsoft MSFT -1.02%Rackspace RAX +0% and others provide a wide range of cloud product offerings and services. The choices can be daunting for IT organizations who need to support a variety of users and applications. Many IT organizations see the ability to avoid the cost and headache of acquiring hardware and software in their own datacenter as the primary benefit to move to the cloud. But acquisition cost is only one small piece of the puzzle. Operational and indirect costs savings that can be achieved by using the IT resources and expertise of a managed cloud provider have the potential to dwarf the infrastructure acquisition savings of moving away from a self-managed on-premises datacenter approach."

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Original article by Gina Longoria of Moor Insights and Strategy on April 11, 2016

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