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Cloud Is Not a Technology: Why It Matters for Distributors

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This article from MDM chronicles the fact that the cloud is much more than a simple technology. 

"Cloud is a business strategy, not a technology; database is a technology, according to Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle. “Cloud is an architecture, it’s an approach,” he said. “And this approach, it’s irrefutable. It has several key elements that are big deals. It costs less. Second, it’s got tons more innovation associated with it that you can now get without having to do it on your IT budget nickel. Turns out that’s a really big deal. And three, it lowers your risk. You’ve moved the risk from you to somebody else, whether that be security, whatever it may be. This is not a reversible trend. This is more about the speed at which you get to the destination.”

Oracle’s two major product categories are database and applications. Noting that the total applications market is $125 billion, with $75 billion of that in back-office software applications, Hurd outlined his view of the complementary fit of Oracle’s SaaS Fusion product along with NetSuite’s ERP, which also integrate CRM and other back-office functions."

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Original article by Thomas P. Gale on April 8, 2019

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