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When Does it Make Sense to Move to the Cloud?

IT Knowledge Exchange

In this article from IT Knowledge Exchange, Denny Cherry offers some advice for businesses moving to the cloud. From when cloud migration is right to scaling up or down, you'll find some interesting information in this article. 

"Moving to the cloud isn’t for everyone. When the cloud providers first launched their cloud platforms their approach, and marketing message, was for the most part that everything should be running in the cloud. And they were pushing that message hard.

Today however we have a much friendlier, cuddlier cloud and the cloud providers understand that not everything will be running in the cloud. Hybrid configurations are not only allowed, they are encouraged (don’t get me wrong, Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, Rackspace, etc. will all be thrilled if you’ll put your entire platform in their cloud environments."

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Original article by Denny Cherry on October 26, 2016

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